"After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go." Luke 10:1

schoolturq2The Apostolic mandate of the Church at the closing of this era of History in preparation for Christ’s return and the millennial age is both weighty and exalted!  God is fashioning an apostolic Arm that will walk in the righteous character of the Lord, clothed in the armor of God’s Glory.  These sons & daughters are the Headstone generation who will forge the way ahead in strength and wisdom to lead and guide the people of God through turbulent times ahead.  The apostolic leadership of God will be joined to the Lord in a union not observed since the first disciples.

This school examines features of the Model Church of the future God is now fashioning for His Glorious return, along with those who will rule and reign with Him over the kingdoms of this earth belonging to Him. The old order will be wrapped up as the New World Order of the Kingdom is being ushered in.  What quality of leadership does the this Day demand?

TOPICS COVERED: Introduction:  Signs of the times, Characteristics of the age – Error, deception, violence, Light & Darkness, The Call, our Destiny, our Purpose.

Apostolic positioning: Sent ahead to prepare His way – Luke 10:1

The Overcoming Church: The Man Child, the Mature Man Eph. 4, The Sons of God, The Messenger, An army arising in Strength.

The New World Order:  Jesus’ first coming established a New world Order, His second will establish The New World Order of The coming Dominion of God over the earth.

The Israel of God: The Restoration of all things to God’s original intention

The Apostolic Arm of God:  Arm – a military weapon, Authentic servant leadership, The rise of Benjamin, Leadership- the bridge of crossing over! The

New Model – The Ruling Church:  Thy Kingdom come, Model Church of the Future, New Wineskin, The Dynamics of Change, Change is coming, Why is change necessary!

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