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Considerations for being a host of one of our Schools or Seminars


When hosting a School or Seminar in your nation there will be a number of factors in need of consideration.   We would like to support you with the planning of this event in any area that you need assistance.  Our desire is to help to streamline the process to accommodate all our needs.  We believe working together will result in God’s blessing, favor and His Presence being released in great measure!

In order to keep costs to a minimum, we suggest churches of the same vision unite to host an event, so that the burden is distributed between many; this brings greater glory to God and draws a greater anointing, as it is in fellowship and unity that God will command His blessing (Ps. 133).

Faith Marie Baczko and Team do not have any set speaking fee.  An option would be that an offering be received in each service.


Registrations for hosting Headstone Ministry Event

  • Registration details will be handled by the host church or churches of the event
  • Details in regard to costs, registration packages and books included will be agreed upon together
  • Financial considerations should be agreed upon at least one month prior to event


  • The host church or churches are responsible for Faith Baczko’s airfare (we do make consideration for exceptional circumstances and conditions).
  • The host church or churches are responsible for airport pick-ups and drop-offs and for transportation back and forth to the services.
  • Our team is willing to drive to your location if it is five hours or less


  • The local church provides accommodation either in a hotel or in a host home, which includes one meal for the Headstone Ministries team. Accommodations will be required for Faith and companion.

Altar Ministry:

  • Usually, at the end of each service, we will have a time of ministry in relation to the message and the moving of the Holy Spirit for at least 30 minutes to an hour.


  • Tables: We firmly believes in equipping and resourcing the Body of Christ and would like to have the opportunity to set up a product table in a visible location.
  • Volunteers: One or two experienced people to handle the product table would be helpful. If we are traveling with a team, this will not be necessary.

Hosting a School or Seminar


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