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The Mystery of Israel and the Church

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schoolblue4Many mysteries are spoken of in the Bible—the mystery of iniquity, Mystery Babylon, the mystery of the Gospel and the mystery of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  However, Jesus is the key that unlocks the mysteries of Israel and the Gentile church—revelation, vital to the summing up of all things in Christ at the end of the age.  This leadership school delves into the depths of these great mysteries to uncover God’s unfolding plan for Dominion, world governance, and Kingdom administration on earth.

We are living in a time when God is opening to His people, great truths hidden within Scripture, to prepare the Body of Christ, and the World for His coming rule on planet Earth. These revelations are being given as tools to prepare His people for His coming and for its governing role and mandate.

This School will cover:

  • The demonic backdrop to His first and second entrance – as Light increases the darkness is dispelled
  • God’s Master Plan as it unfolds over the centuries
  • Israel’s mandate as ordained by God
  • A New Man, a New Land, A New Kingdom
  • God’s Throne established and secured
  • The dynamics of ‘Grafted in’ and Fullness
  • The dynamics of Completion – The Restoration of all things!
  • The dynamics of change and God’s New World Order
  • The dynamics of the Head Stone government of God – prepared to rule

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