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There are specific mandates God intends to accomplish in every season to build His House and move His people toward completion and fullness as declared in His Word (Eph. 4:13).  Fresh revelations are released in each season that are fiercely resisted initially, but over time becomes accepted as truth and transformed as mortar in the building of the House of God.

Headstone Ministries International has been prepared by God to release certain truths for the completion of His House and His people.  These revelations are compiled in bodies of work and taught at our Seminars.  Those who are related to HMI as partners in the work receive free access to these materials and is available for their use (teaching notes, PowerPoint slides etc).  For others, access is given at a nominal fee.  We believe in the principle that freely we have received and therefore freely we give!  My encouragement is that in order to receive the fullness of the vision you have our Ministry first bring these teachings to impart them to you.

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Gold Membership:  Partners and Associates of Headstone Ministries International receive unlimited access to all content FREE.   An access code will be sent to you upon request. Insert when asked for a discount code!


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