The Arising Army of God

Be Secured for the coming download of Glory, Be Positioned for release in the Supernatural Life!

schoolorange2In a world swirling in confusion and chaos, many people are without hope and are desperate for good news – Good News the Body of Christ is in possession of! We are on the edge of a great Awakening that will usher in the greatest Harvest the Church has yet seen. The need of the hour is for a Church mobilized to go out into the fields to work with the Lord of the Harvest!

It is vital to now have an understanding regarding the dynamics of God’s Call, to be secured, positioned and prepared, to execute our assignments with wisdom and authority! Only through a balanced understanding of the times, and becoming prepared in body, emotionally and spiritually, will the saints be able to stand resolute in all circumstances and not be shaken! Many have felt the pull of the Call on their lives, but have not yet had the revelation as to the dynamics of the Call. This Seminar addresses foundational truths and issues regarding the high Call of the saints in Christ!

THE ARISING ARMY OF GODFinding Your Place in The Plans & Purposes Of God!

SESSION IIDENTITY & THE CALL: Discovering who we are in Christ, knowing who you were created to become, known before the foundation of the Earth, Chosen & Called

SESSION II HINDRANCES TO FULFILLING THE CALL Understand and recognize strategies targeting you for defeat, Becoming and Overcomer

SESSION III – DYNAMICS OF DESTINY:  Whose destiny is it really, The Inward, Outward & Upward dynamics of the Call, Fully Equipped

SESSION IV THE ARMY ARISING – Coming forth in Glory, Becoming a Voice, Making the decision to Go! Angels released to serve and assist!

SESSION V – THE SONS OF GOD – Paul’s view & John’s view of the Sons of God, The Overcomers, The Man Child & the Messenger, Benjamin

SESSION VI – POSITIONED FOR SIGNIFICANCE: Your place in City Transformation, Bringing in the Ark of His Presence, Protocols of the Kingdom, Carriers of His Presence, from unity to Union, Rising Waters, The Holy Spirit Shall come upon you! Behold He Comes.

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