"For the law will go out from Zion, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."


Possessing the understanding that Israel is the central factor in the unfolding of God’s end-time plan will become crucial for all the saints, especially pastors and leaders, working and partnering with God to enforce and complete His purposes. A deficiency in this understanding will become a handicap in the ability to process the movements of God. A proper understanding of this issue provides access to the keys to apprehend the fullness of His leading and direction, and the facility to be aligned with His plans in this hour in relation to our nation. Understanding of God’s sovereign plan through Israel is vital to spiritual health and safety, for ourselves individually, and for the nations of the world.

Module I:The Mysteries of Jerusalem Unveiled!

There are many mysteries spoken of in the Bible that awaited God’s opportune moment in history for its revelation. Paul speaks in Roman 11:25 about a mystery kept hidden—the partial hardening of Israel’s heart until the set time of completion of God’s work in the Gentiles.  Revelations 10:7 shows that in God’s divine timing the mysteries of God will be finished. In the twenty first century as antisemitism is on the rise around the world, including in the church, it seems that the truth of God’s sovereign and eternal selection of Israel as the chosen place of His throne remains veiled to many.

Seminar Sessions: 2-4 Sessions

  •  Introduction: A New Man, A New Land,
  • The New City – The Zion of GOD
  • Jerusalem – A dual Camp, the Throne established, Israel’s significance in the fulfillment of God’s unfolding plan for world Dominion.
  • The Messiah identifies with Israel – Jesus born a Jew, many are living under the generational curses on antisemitism, it’s time to break free
  • Boundaries extended to the nations – The unfolding of God’s purposes in Israel in relation to the nations, God’s transcendent purpose for Israel and the Gentile believers in union
  • The Commonwealth of Israel & the Patriarchs – Understand why Israel is the Key that unlocks God’s promises to health, wealth and Spiritual destiny; the relationship of your productivity, creativity, prosperity and destiny to Israel
Module II: The Mysteries of Israel & The Church Unveiled!

Seminar Sessions: 4-6 Sessions

  • Israel & the Church – God’s Blueprint
  • Three Milestones – The Foundation Stone, The Corner stone & The Headstone
  • Prophesy embedded in the Feasts – The Great Journey!
  • From Pentecost to the Feast of Tabernacles – The Culmination of all things in Christ, the Procession up to Jerusalem
Module III: The Mysteries of Israel in Their Fullness!

Seminar Sessions: 4-6 Sessions

  • The Divine Mystery of Israel’s success and Prosperity
  • Seven foundational features of Israel’s success
  • The Fig Tree Blossoms
  • Israel in Completion in Christ
  • Israel in Resurrection
  • The Reign of the King

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