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In a world swirling in confusion and chaos, many people are without hope and are desperate for good news – Good News the Body of Christ is in possession of! We are on the edge of a great Awakening that will usher in the greatest Harvest the Church has yet seen. The need of the hour is for a Church mobilized to go out into the fields to work with the Lord of the Harvest! God is fashioning varied expressions of Church suited to reap a harvest in all mountains of society and the marketplace. The day of spectator Church is over as God moves upon His people to thrust them out into their respective fields.

Faith Marie Baczko – Executive Director of International Schools of the Last Wine

For decades, the Lord has taught Faith Marie Baczko from His Word, giving her revelations of the House of God that is to be prepared for Him – more specifically, the Headstone of His House, as spoken of in Zechariah 4:7,“He shall bring forth the headstone with shoutings, crying, grace, grace to it.”   The Headstone represents a generation moving in the governmental authority of the Kingdom of God in union with Christ, the Head and King; it is the Final Stone and final phase of God’s work before Jesus returns! The Headstone is a Sanctuary prepared for His habitation that is structured and Blueprinted by God, fashioned with both His Mind and His Heart.  This Sanctuary is a wine skin, whose very substance represents ‘The Christ’ in His fullness; one that will not be consumed in the Fire of His Holiness. Like a diamond whose many sides reflect the light, the Headstone reflects the glory of the Light of God evident in the face of Christ!

Faith’s books and teaching’s have been condensed to significant and challenging schools covering key features of The Headstone.  They are rich with foundational, revelatory insight into the Word of God on the nature character, constitution and construction of  Yahweh’s House. They form the building blocks that are significant to the  House that is being prepared as a Bride for the Return of the Bridegroom King!

In order to take these revelations to the nations we have launched Headstone Ministries Schools of The Last Wine to assist in equipping an army to prepare the way of the Lord’s return.  Our vision is to partner with the Holy Spirit in this great work! These schools are  relevant to leaders in the Church for this hour and important for Pastors & Leaders and those who are called to the front lines as the vanguard in this crucial hour.

Join with Headstone Ministries to be trained, built up into the Headstone generation, and in position to ‘prepare the way of the Lord.’  Take the initiative to discover your part in preparing for the Return of our Bridegroom King!

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I will worship toward Your holy temple, And praise Your name For Your lovingkindness and Your truth; For You have magnified Your word above all Your name. Psalm 138:2


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